Desmond Excited, Ready to Face New Challenge

If Ian Desmond had just signed on the dotted line a couple of years ago, he'd have a guaranteed amount more than 10 times more than what he has after signing a one-year, $8 mililon deal with the Rangers over the weekend. And that even came after he declined a one-year qualifying offer for nearly double that amount.

To say Desmond's market has slipped would be a massive understatement.

It seems the new Rangers left fielder understands that and is ready to accept the challenge of changing positions from shortstop to left field.

"This is a new chapter," Desmond told the Dallas Morning News. "And I'm going to embrace the challenge."

Rangers general manager has already made it known Desmond is his starting left fielder, before he's ever played the position in the bigs. His only outfield experience has been in two games in his first two seasons in right field.

Desmond deserves some credit for realizing his market had gone to basically nothing at shortstop, where he had a ton of errors last year, and has done something many players reject even considering.

"I made the decision when the offseason began I wanted to be part of something more than just our names on the back of our jerseys; I wanted to win," Desmond said. "I felt that if to do that, I needed to move positions, I would consider it."

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