Dallas Will Look To Draft For Upgrades

With the Jerry-led Dallas Cowboys one can never be sure, but if we're to take the Joneses at their word at this point, it would seem that the team will stay away from any true blockbuster deals in free agency this off-season. According to Stephen Jones, who spoke with reporters at the Combine in Indianapolis recently, Dallas is secure with the incumbent talent--the so-called 'nucleus' of the team.

The effect of this, as Stephen Jones sees it, anyhow, is twofold: first, it will allow Dallas to build mostly through the draft; then, on draft day, they will be able to attack their selections with no rigid demands for any particular position.

"You've got places you'd always like to improve. When we analyzed the 2009 season, there were areas that we'd like to be better," Jones said, per the Dallas Morning News. "But I certainly don't think that we have any type of needs that would get us to a point where we have to focus on a position, which normally leads to you having a hell of a draft.

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"We'll take the best football player up there in most cases."

Jones says that the team will be vigilant (as always) in free agency, but not aggressive, focusing rather on the draft, which he believes is the paramount factor in the construction of a successful football team. For the most part, it seems that Jones believes the talent is in place.

"Obviously, we feel like we have a really good football team and don't have a lot of needs," Jones said. "We're not really losing anybody off what we believe is a really good football team."

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