C.J. New Shampoo Pitch Man

During his time in Texas, we all heard time and time again how great C.J. Wilson was at all kinds of things other than baseball. He's really into racing cars, watching LOST and he could even land the team plane if need be.

Now, he'll be adding another side venture to his vast portfolio as he has been chosen by shampoo maker Head & Shoulders to be a company spokesman, joining the likes of past pitch men including Troy Polamalu and Michael Phelps. He'll be known as a "Mane Man."

In a news release in The Dallas Morning News, the company said “with incredible talent on the mound, a diverse portfolio of hobbies … and not to mention, great looking hair, C.J. was an ideal choice,” adding that Wilson has declared this will be the “Season of the Whiff.”

The now Los Angeles Angels pitcher is coming off an off-season surgery to remove bone spurs from his left elbow after putting up some solid numbers in his first season on the West Coast. He compiled a 3.83 ERA last year with the Angels after falling off in the second half following a tremendous start to the season.

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