Chargers Looking Forward To First Glimpse At JerryWorld

When Jerry Jones discusses his stadium in Arlington, he often mentions the "wow factor." Getting this "wow factor" just right, one might imagine, was the foremost thought in the creation of Cowboys Stadium, and they're probably right. There is what is necessary; then there's the "wow factor"--JerryWorld.

Jones, to this end, accomplished his goal to such a degree that, in the mind of Chargers' head coach Norv Turner, the awe-inspiring facets of the $1.2 billion football palace could be a distraction. To combat this, according to a report on the team's website, he will alter the team's schedule to ensure that their Saturday walk-through happens at the venue.

“There is a little bit of a conflict but we will rearrange our schedule to make sure we get to go to (the stadium), particularly a new stadium like this,” Turner said. “I don’t want our guys to spend the first hour Sunday morning looking around to see what the stadium is like. I want them to be thinking about the game.”

There's certainly a lot to look at; if you live in Texas, you probably have heard all the comparisons--that the Statue of Liberty, base and all, could fit in JerryWorld with the roof closed, and so forth--so for the sake of conciseness, let's just say it's large, opulent, and intricate. For these reasons, the Chargers can hardly wait until Saturday, when they get to scope out the football mecca for themselves.

“I’ve heard so much about the stadium,” said LaDainian Tomlinson. “I have friends who have season tickets and they say it’s great. This stadium is as big as it gets so I’m going to look around and hopefully get a tour. I’d like to see where (Cowboys Owner) Jerry Jones sits and check it all out.”

Of course, more than any other feature at the stadium the JerryTron--the $40 million, 60-yard-wide video board--has a reputation that precedes it.

“For people I’ve talked to who have been there, that’s the first thing they tell you about,” offensive tackle Marcus McNeill said. “They say it’s just so big and the picture is so clear. We’re all looking forward to seeing it.”

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