VideoBoardGate: Conference Call Set For Today

Todd Archer at the Dallas Morning News Cowboys Blog reports that a conference call, concerning the now infamous Jerry-Tron incident, is scheduled for today, though no announcement of any sort is expected.

The conference call will be attended by all eight members of the NFL's competition committee, which includes Bill Polian--the Indianapolis Colts president and GM who has spoken about the incident openly, telling Peter King of Sports Illustrated, "It's just an honest mistake that needs to be corrected" --and Jeff Fisher, the Titans' head coach and commitee co-chair, whose punter AJ Trapasso ignited the debate when he scraped the videoboard last Friday.

Fisher has also been vocal since the incident, saying, "Even it becomes [reviewable], you don't want to be forced to use one of your challenges on a play like that," Fisher said. "So, the first thing we have to discuss from an officiating standpoint is that, as of now, no one is assigned to watch the flight of the ball. Who determines whether it hits the board or not?"

Unlike Jerry Jones, who hinted that Trapasso intended to hit the board, Fisher seems to believe the board could become a nuisance. "There are a number of punters in this league who are capable of hitting that board naturally," Fisher said.

Although the competition commitee is designed to oversee such issues, it can ultimately only suggest rule changes, meaning, as Archer points out, that in these scenarios, when the season has already begun, Roger Goodell has the right to interpret and set rules. Basically, there may not be a vote among the league's 32 owners.

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