The Playbook on Parking Near Cowboys Stadium

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The closer you park to Cowboys Stadium, the more you pay. But some lots also have extra perks.

Chicago Bears fan Gerald Bailey and three of his friends parked in a $65 lot near the stadium instead of paying $75 for a lot just a few steps closer.

"We made it all this way, so what's the extra few dollars?" he said. "So (we'll) save $10 for 10 feet."

Down the street, game-goers who spend $40 at Lincoln Square shops or restaurants can park for free if they put their receipt on the dashboard.

Cowboys fan Lee Kyle said it was perfect deal because they were planning on eating $40 worth of breakfast.

"In a way, it's a deal," said Jennifer Rodgers, another 'Boys fan. "You get to eat, and you get to park, so I'm good with that."

A little farther out, football fans can pay just $15 to park at the Jean Massieu Academy for deaf students. School officials say it takes about 10 minutes to walk to Cowboys Stadium from their parking lot.

Parking at First United Methodist Church comes with breakfast and a shuttle bus ride to the stadium. The company that directs traffic and runs the lot charges $30 and shares it with the church.

"For about 100 years, the First United Methodist Church Arlington has never experienced anything like this, but it's kind of a new, exciting, fun event for us to participate in from an evangelism point of view," said Bart Thompson, chair of the Building and Grounds Committee.

Tailgating Zone Full of Sights and Smells

Tailgaters went all out in the Cowboys Stadium parking lot on Sunday, filling the air with delicious scents from the grill.

Fans of both teams dressed up to show their spirit.

One group of police detectives and their friends brought a Cowboys-themed ambulance they bought off of Craigslist, complete with a big-screen TV and a Wii gaming system.

"(We) hooked it up with a great sound system (and) hooked up Madden NFL for the early games," Dave Finley, of Dallas, said. "On the later games, we watch the game before on the TV, so it's kind of nice. We have a lot of people out here, usually 30 people with us."

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