Are You Ready For Some Overexposure?

You better be.

On Friday night, when the Cowboys take on the Titans on the turf at Jerry World, Fox will include in their programming a tour of the stadium led by the proud papa Jerry Jones, with Curt Menefee along for the ride.

This is only the latest in Jones' look-what-I-did tour 2009, the height of which (so far) was  vaguely hinting, during the state of the team press conference, that he believed the stadium would raise Dallas' level of play. "This year, uniquely, we have an energy that will help us, in my mind, look to what we expect," Jones said."And that energy is the new stadium."

Hmmm. That one still gets me.

Barry Horn, of the Dallas Morning News Sports Media Blog hypothesizes in a post today, "This won't be the last Jones-led tour of the stadium. You can be sure that when NBC broadcasts the first regular-season game from the stadium against the Giants on the night of Sept. 20, there will be a NBC version of the tour, perhaps with Al Michaels.

"And when ESPN gets its hands on the stadium for the Sept. 28 MNF game against Carolina, you can be sure that network will attempt to re-invent the guided tour."

Granted, the stadium might be, probably is, the most impressive structure of its kind in the country, if not the world. That is, Jerry should be proud, to some degree. He set out to build a stadium unlike any other, and he achieved that end deftly.

But if you live in the greater Dallas area, you've probably heard how awesome the structure is, in stature and luxury, no less than 3,000 times since it opened with that George Strait concert in June. And it's not even football season proper yet.

Needless to say, this could get a bit tiresome.

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