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Like It Or Not Rangers Fans, He's Staying Put



    Like It Or Not Rangers Fans, He's Staying Put
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    Texas Rangers infielder and DH, Michael Young.

    This week should be a celebration of the beginning of what will be the most anticipated season in Texas Rangers history.

    Instead, there's a big, gray cloud hanging over Surprise, Ariz., and his name is Michael Young.

    With pitchers and catching reporting to Arizona Wednesday and the rest of the team going this weekend, all eyes will be on Young when and if he arrives in Surprise, which he is scheduled to do.

    The Rangers second baseman, turned shortstop, turned third baseman, turned full-time designated hitter, has long been known as the greatest team player in Arlington and has always been sold as having the "team-first", "win at all costs" attitude. He's definitely not showing it lately.

    Look, I see why he's upset about being moved around the past few years. Last year, after being moved to third to make way for Elvis Andrus, he threw a little fit and got over it really quickly, and helped lead the Rangers to their first World Series.

    But at the same time, he's making $16 million a year and the move was made for the good of the club, which brought in third baseman Adrian Beltre in the off-season to shore up the defense, which was severely lacking with Young at third.

    The fact of the matter is, as much as Michael Young has made it publicly clear he wants to be traded, it just isn't going to happen.

    First off, the Rangers will be a better team with Young in the lineup. He adds a versatility and a depth to the lineup that isn't really seen anywhere else in the league after the late addition of catcher/first baseman/DH Mike Napoli. They're simply a worse team with him out of the lineup.

    And that's the thing, if the Rangers deal Young, they aren't getting anything in return. He has no value now. His public bickering has killed any leverage Texas would've had in the trade market. And the Rangers certainly aren't going to be willing to pay a big chunk of the remaining tens of millions of dollars remaining on Young's deal, which would be a requirement for a potential suitor.

    So to the fans saying Michael Young is dead to them, deal with it, because he's going to be here. And to Michael Young, we can only hope you can deal with it and move on like last year because you're not going anywhere.