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Frogs Tagging Ponies a College Prank?

TCU graffiti sprayed at Ford Stadium



    by Bruce Felps

    A weekend covert mission likely carried out by TCU operatives left SMU’s Ford Stadium besmirched with the mark of the Horned Frog beast.

    According to an item published in the SMU Daily Mustang, the stadium now sports spray-painted tags reading “TCU” and “TCU Frogs” throughout the stadium breezeway. The paper also reported the initials “C.J. [and] T.M.” in the breezeway, indicating, maybe, that “C.J.” trademarked his or her work.

    SMU campus police launched an investigation, but a scan of the photos posted to Flickr probably rules out a student in the TCU art department.

    Students Call "Frog" Vandalism Disrespectful

    [DFW] Students Call "Frog" Vandalism Disrespectful
    SMU and TCU may have played a few pranks on each other over the years, but some SMU students aren't laughing at the orange "TCU" letters spray-painted on Ford Stadium.
    (Published Saturday, March 5, 2011)

    The graffiti might have come in retaliation to an earlier affront perpetrated by Smoo-babies on TCU, according to, which works blue, so mind the language.

    But that seems kind of like the Mustangs taunting the football Frogs by saying, “Haha you’re No. 2 [or 3, not sure how that works] and we’re No., um, 87.” Not much of a taunt.

    The orange spray paint used to tag the stadium might be a red herring because neither school includes orange among its official school colors.

    The plot thickens. Might it have been Syracuse trying to cover its tracks? Nah.

    Stay tuned for the next thrilling episode of “Covert College Capers.” If there is one.

    Bruce Felps owns and operatesEast Dallas Times, an online community news outlet serving the White Rock Lake area. Ah, he remembers what it was like being a wacky college student, but just barely and not all of it.