How Texas Voters Can Check if Their Vote Was Counted

Nonprofit's website uses public data that voters can search

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Texas voters who have any doubts that their vote was counted can check online to find out.

The website uses publicly available information from the Texas Secretary of State that people can search by typing in their name and county.

Morgan Krasniqi of Wylie voted early and worried her vote didn't count.

"All this time when you're promoting 'vote, vote, vote, your voice matters,’ and to think you weren't heard, it just sucked,” Krasniqi said.

She checked online but didn’t find her name at first.

"It was not there, which was a little shocking,” she said. “It was a little disappointing when I couldn't find it anywhere."

She called election officials and after a little confusion, finally tracked it down.

"And then thankfully I found myself,” the mother of two young children said. “That was a lot more reassuring and I finally felt like my voice did matter this time."

Different counties offer different levels of information.

But assembled public statewide voter data to make it easy for voters to see if their name is on the list.

It's run by the nonpartisan, nonprofit group Vote America.

"Transparency is good for everyone,” said Vote America CEO Debra Crumley. “And when we have disinformation going around that mail-in ballots aren't counted, this was a safe, secure and easy way that we could help reassure voters that voting by mail is safe, secure, you can trust it."

The website cautions that it may take several days to update the information, meaning people who voted on Election Day may not be on the list yet but early voters should be.

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