Gov. Greg Abbott Discusses New Book

Gov. Greg Abbott reflects on his life and his political future in his new book.

'Broken but Unbowed' comes out next month. He told NBC 5 political reporter Julie Fine he hopes readers are inspired.

"I want people to understand regardless of what challenges they have in their life. I have proven, a guy can have his life literally broken in half, and still be governor of this great state. You can do anything you can set your minds too," Abbott said.

Abbott wrote about recovering from the accident that left him paralyzed and in a wheelchair.

"I talk about the struggles of first being in a wheelchair, falling out of my wheelchair in the middle of the street.  For a guy who has been athletic and independent his whole life, to suddenly be dependent in a wheelchair --  it is a big challenge," he said.

Abbott –  who has called for a Convention of States, which would allow for the proposal of amendments to the Constitution –  says his book also discusses fixing what is not working in government. He said the book and book tour are not about seeking higher office.

"Think about this. If this book was ground work for running for higher office, I would not be issuing it now," he said. "This is ground work for gathering people together, to support a cause to put the nation back on the right course."

Abbott said he is, however, running for reelection for the Governor of the State of Texas.

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