Gingrich Fails to Learn Lesson

by Bruce Felps

This one’s making all the news rounds so why should we be left out?

As chronicled by Uncle Barky — hey Ed — a couple of Dallas Morning News bloggers, FrontBurner, and "The Rachel Maddow Show,” Newt Gringrich again solicited a donation from Dawn Rizos, the owner of The Lodge.

Rather than the Entrepreneur of the Year award — offered last year for a mere $5,000 and then revoked after Gingrich’s people realized The Lodge employs very pretty, very naked women — this time he offered the gentleman’s club owner a membership in his American Solutions group.

Rizos said, in essence, "um, thanks but this didn’t go so well last time so maybe we should talk about it first." And to prove her sincerity, she sent him a lifetime VIP membership to The Lodge. Gingrich then thought, hmmm, what excuse could I use to go to Dallas. Well, he might have.

Anyway, Rizos got a good laugh out of it, Uncle Barky got a good laugh out of it, a couple of DMN bloggers got a good laugh out of it, Bethany Anderson got a good laugh out of it, and a staffer with Conservative Solutions got a pink slip out of it. Probably.

Come to think of it, with that free lifetime VIP membership to The Lodge, Gingrich got the best deal out of it.

Bruce Felps owns and operates East Dallas Times, an online community news outlet serving the White Rock Lake area. He kind of likes The Lodge, or couldn’t you tell?

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