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Parkland Hospital's Birthing Controversy

Parkland leads state in births by noncitizens



    Parkland Hospital's Birthing Controversy
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    Should U.S. citizenship be a birthright? More than 11,000 babies born last year at Parkland Hospital probably think so … if babies can think about stuff like that.

    Take politics, add a measure of illegal immigration and a pinch of Constitutional law, heat to the boiling point, and you've got the recipe for one hot-button topic.

    A story Sunday by the Dallas Morning News must have done just that, generating, at last check, 435 comments.

    It combines a push by some Republican members of Congress to change the 14th Amendment -- and can they do that? Wouldn't they need to pass another amendment overriding the older one? -- granting automatic citizenship to babies born in the United States regardless of their parents' status and birth rate statistics at Parkland Hospital.

    According to the article, Parkland staffers deliver more, shall we say, first-generation legal U.S. citizens than any hospital in Texas, so, hey, we're No. 1!

    The 11,071 screaming blobs of human goo -- not a fan of any babies -- born there last year to women who were not U.S. citizens represented 74 percent of all screaming blob of human goo births.

    So what's the answer? Hell, what's the question?

    Make that 438 comments and counting.

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