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University of Texas at Arlington is waiving Some Fees Because Campus is Closed During Pandemic

Students questioned why they were being charged for services they can't use

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During the COVID-19 pandemic, college courses are continuing. But they are being done online.

"I do miss a lot of the on-campus interaction,” UTA student Tyrin Prichett said. “I do miss interacting with my friends on a daily basis."

Prichett is ready to start his summer semester at UTA where he is studying political science.

Along with missing his friends, he will also miss some of the benefits of campus life. So he questioned why he was still be charged for those services.

"Any unnecessary fees, any unnecessary charges, it's just unfair to bring those against us," Prichett said.

He added, "Sadly students are currently dealing with a global-wide pandemic so we can't use those services."

NBC 5's consumer team reached out to UTA for answers and the school changed its policy.

In a statement, the school said in part....  “For the summer 2020 term, The University of Texas at Arlington is waiving four mandatory student fees for intercollegiate athletics, recreation facilities, shuttle bus services and the student union.

We also recognize the effects of the pandemic include significant economic impacts, and we hope the temporary elimination of these fees will help our students.

Some mandatory fees remain in effect, as they provide for essential university functions or support long-term, ongoing costs associated with offering specific services.”

Prichett is glad the school decided to waive those fees and said it's the right thing to do.

"I would encourage other students across the state and across the nation to reach out to their university and make sure they are not charging them these fees for services and facilities they can't use for the entire summer," Prichett said.

The amounts refunded will vary per student because they are based on credit hours.

The fee waivers will affect about 9,200 students.

UTA also says it has an emergency assistance fund for students facing COVID-19 financial hardships.  The school is issuing nearly $10.6 million in CARES Act funds to eligible students in need.

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