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NBC 5 Responds: Latest Timeline for Stimulus Checks

IRS says system update to 'Get My Payment' link should give consumers more timely information

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If you’re checking your bank account or mailbox for your stimulus payment, you’re not alone.

Over the last few weeks, NBC 5 Responds has received hundreds of emails and calls from viewers asking questions about when and how they’ll receive their stimulus checks.

The Treasury Department says they distributed more than 88.1 million payments, including more than $14.4 billion to more than 8 million Texans.  But what about those who are still waiting for their stimulus payments to come?

“People all around you are getting them, friends and relatives and then you’ve got nothing,” said Mike Letry, a taxpayer that lives in Double Oak.

On April 15, Letry said went to IRS.Gov and clicked on the Get My Payment link.  He filled in the information, but the website would never tell him when he’d receive his payment, only that he qualified.

If you’re wondering when to expect yours, the IRS says they’ll start mailing checks to the people with the lowest income first. Meaning if you make less than $10,000 you could see your check as early as this week.  If you make less than $20,000, the following week and so on.  The IRS will process 5 million checks a week, which means it could take until September for everyone to receive their payment.

  • Less than $10,000: April 24
  • $10,001 - $20,000: May 1
  • $20,001 - $30,000: May 8
  • $30,001 - $40,000: May 15
  • $40,001 - $50,000: May 22
  • $50,001 - $60,000: May 29
  • $60,001 - $70,000: June 5
  • $70,001 - $80,000: June 12
  • $80,001 - $90,000: June 19
  • $90,001 - $100,000: June 26
  • $100,001 - $110,000: July 3
  • $110,001 - $120,000: July 10
  • $120,001 - $130,000: July 17
  • $130,001- $140,000: July 24
  • $140,001 - $150,000: July 31
  • $150,001 - $160,000: August 7
  • $160,001 - $170,000: August 14
  • $170,001 - $180,000: August 21
  • $180,001 - $190,000: August 28
  • $190,001 - $198,000: September 4
  • Remaining checks: September 11

On Sunday the IRS announced improvements for the Get My Payment link, encouraging anyone who’s had trouble getting through to try again. 

On Monday morning, Letry contacted NBC 5 Responds asking if we had heard anything.  NBC 5 directed him to check the website again since the IRS says they made an update.

“Now it says they issued a date, May 4. In my case that they’re going to mail a check which again surprises me since they do have my account numbers on hand,” said Letry.

Starting this week, adult social security retirement, survivor and disability insurance beneficiaries who did not file tax returns in 2018 or 2019 will receive their payment if they receive their social security by direct deposit.

Adult SSI recipients will receive their payment by early May at the latest.

Remember, the IRS tells us they’ll send a letter out within 15 days of the payment explaining a breakdown of the numbers and what to do if you believe your payment is wrong.

NBC 5 Responds has heard from a number of viewers like Letry who had trouble getting information online but today tell us they were finally able to get in and should hopefully see their check in the next few weeks.

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