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NBC 5 Responds helps Fort Worth family pay tribute to loving mother

A North Texas woman had paid for a grave marker in full but after a year and a half, the marker still had not been installed

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Families dealing with the death of a loved one are often juggling all sorts of bereavement issues.

The pain of not getting what they paid for from a funeral home can only add to their grief.

Annette Walsh contacted NBC 5 Responds for help when she had trouble getting the marker for her mother's grave, which she'd paid for in full.

Walsh's mother, Ruby, passed away in June 2021. Walsh paid for the marker in September 2022.

She showed us the order form for a flat grass marker for Fort Worth's Shannon Rose Hill Cemetery.

The receipt shows payment for and a mock-up of how the grave marker would appear.

After a year and a half, the marker was still not in place. So, Walsh asked for help. NBC 5 Responds contacted Dignity Memorial, which operates the funeral home.

Shortly after, Ruby's grave marker was finally installed.

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