The Most Fashionable Covers for iPhone 5

What's even better than a new iPhone 5? A slamming new accessory.

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Case Mate
","id":"2208653","thumbnail_url":"","type":"image","focusedSlide":""},{"caption":"Give your iPhone an elegant new look with Case-Mate's quilted black leather case, which calls to mind a classic Chanel satchel (and even has a celebrity devotee in Fergie). $70 at <a href="" target="_blank">Case-Mate</a>.
Dodo Case
Dodo case is best known for their sleek iPad covers, but the company recently introduced iPhone 5 cases that come with clever leather pouches for stashing cards and cash. $49.95 at <a href="" target="_blank">Dodo Case</a>.
EXOvault cases combine form and function, mixing natural elements like raw wood with protective materials like aluminum and brass. Prices TBD at <a href="" target="_blank">EXOvault</a>.
Fresh Fiber
For a tech-chic look, try one of Fresh Fiber's 3-D printed rubber iPhone cases, which take inspiration from Mondrian's geometric patterns and can even hold credit cards inside the cage-like structures. $43 at <a href="" target="_blank">Fresh Fiber</a>.
Grove has improved its sleek bamboo cases with stronger, thinner cuts of wood. Best of all, each case can be engraved with whatever design or pattern you choose. $59 at <a href="" target="_blank">Grove</a>.
Hex has updated its iPhone cases with improved features like a slim cash pocket and a cut-out hole for cameras as well as cool new colors like rich burgundy and taupe. $50 at <a href="" target="_blank">Hex</a>.
Hot pink is having a major moment in fashion, so it's no surprise we're extra keen on this textured rubber iPhone 5 case from Incipio which features a grippy square pattern along the bottom (terrific for those of us who have a tendency to drop our phones). $24.99 <a href="" target="_blank">at Incipio</a>.
Fashion followers will appreciate the name-brand cool of Michael Kors' orange leather iPhone 5 case, which features a handy wristlet—making it particularly convenient for running out after work to grab a cocktail. <a href="" target="_blank">$88 at Michael Kors</a>.
Holland-based brand Miniot specializes in sleek, lightweight wooden cases. Its newest edition, the Miniot Book, features a wooden flap that offers additional protection—or can double as a kickstand. Prices TBD at <a href="" target="_blank">Miniot</a>.
Society 6
Fall 2012 is all about prints and patterns, so we were pleased to see Society 6 step up to the plate with a series of cases designed by up-and-coming artists. Our favorite? The triangular lilac and turquoise moti would be easy to spot on a taxi cab or subway seat. $35 at <a href="" target="_blank">Society 6</a>.
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