Syrian Refugee Resettled in US ‘Honored to Be Here'

Ahmad al-Abboud and his family are among 1,000 Syrians who have been permitted to enter the US from Jordan since October

The head of the first Syrian family to be resettled in the United States said Monday he is “honored to be here” and that ever since they arrived in Kansas City last week, his wife and their five children feel "safe."

Speaking through a translator during a press conference, Ahmad al-Abboud said "he will be doing his best to insure that he fits in with everybody." 

"There is absolutely nothing to worry the American people," the translator said. "The Syrian refugees are seeking a life with dignity, a better life for their family and kids."

Al-Abboud's family fled Syria’s civil war three years ago and found refuge in Jordan, according to NBC News. But al-Abboud was unable to find work. His family is among the 1,000 Syrians who have been permitted to enter the U.S. from Jordan since last October.

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