Eric Hinton

Emily Ratajkowski Instagram Post Has Critics Pulling Their Hair

The idea that hair was fundamental to beauty drew a swift outcry

Hair today... gone tomorrow.

Model and actress Emily Ratajkowski caused a bit of a stir earlier this week in announcing she'd be the new face of Kérastase, a company that specializes in luxury hair care products for men and women. Ratajkowski announced the appointment on her Instagram page with a caption that left some pulling their hair.

“Hair is a fundamental part of beauty, femininity, and identity. So excited to announce that I am the new face of @kerastase_official!” she wrote.

But the idea that hair was fundamental to beauty drew a swift outcry.

“Hair is not a ‘fundamental’ part of beauty. There are people with cancer and other illnesses who are unfortunately undergoing treatment that causes them to lose their hair. Saying that hair is a ‘fundamental’ part of beauty is extremely shallow and it gives off the false idea that hair is a necessity,” commented one Instagrammer.

Ratajkowski has since amended the caption with no reference to hair being a fundamental beauty requirement. 

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