Obama Chides Anti-Refugee Politicians for Being ‘Scared of Widows and 3-Year-Old Orphans’

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President Barack Obama took aim at American politicians who say they want to shut out refugees, NBC News reported.

A group of Republican governors are calling for their states to be shut to Syrian refugees.

Obama — speaking at the APEC summit in the Philippines — noted that refugees coming to the United States are screened for 18 to 24 months before being cleared to enter the country, with the intelligence agencies vetting applicants, according to NBC News.

"When candidates say we shouldn't admit 3-year old-orphans, that's political posturing," Obama said, making a veiled reference to GOP candidate and New Jersey Governor Chris Christie. "When people say we should have a religious test, and only Christians, proven Christians, should be admitted, that's offensive, and contrary to American values."

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