“Pulp Fiction” Writer Lands Behind Bars

Prison furlough is removed as Roger Avary is thrown into jail for drunk driving charge

Life is imitating art for "Pulp Fiction" writer Roger Avary, whose own personal trouble with the law landed him behind bars this weekend when his prison furlough was removed.

Avary, who co-wrote the Quentin Tarantino classic that starred Uma Thurman and John Travolta, was removed from the prison work program and put in jail, authorities said.

It wasn't clear why Avary was taken off of the program -- Ventura County sheriff's spokesman Capt. Ross Bonfiglio simply said Avary was put into the county jail for security reasons.

Rumors flew that Avary finally ended up in jail because he Tweeted about his incarceration, but Bonfiglio and Avary's attorney Mark Werskman denied it caused him to be locked up.

Avary shared the Academy Award for "Pulp Fiction" with Tarantino, who later directed Thurman in the "Kill Bill" series.

Avary, 44, was sentenced in September to a year in prison and five years of probation for drunk driving, causing a crash that injured his wife and killed a passenger.

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