Mel Gibson Teaming Up With Joe Eszterhas? Should We Be Scared?

When you consider the list of some of the most polarizing and controversial figures in Hollywood, the names "Mel Gibson" and "Joe Eszterhas" have cozy spots right near the top.

So it's about time they joined forces, right? 

According to Deadline, such a thing is, indeed, happening. And it gets even better. Gibson and Eszterhas are going to attempt a biopic of Judah Maccabee - a warrior who led a Jewish revolt against the Greek-Syrian empire that conquered Judea around 167 B.C. That's right, the man who drunken hurled anti-Semitic slurs at cops and who was accused by many critics of portraying the Jewish people in, shall we say, an unflattering light in his "The Passion of the Christ" is going to present the life of a heroic Jewish historical figure.

Written by the guy who wrote "Showgirls."

All kidding aside, the story of Maccabee certainly allows Gibson to indulge in the epic scope he's so fond of ("Braveheart" - which was also about a heroic man leading a revolt against impossible odds - did score him an Oscar), and the reclusive Eszterhas (who has survived cancer and focused on writing books rather than films in recent years) may be ready for a career re-defining work that is completely unlike anything he's done before. It could be a double-barrel redemption.

One thing is certain, though: People are going to be talking about this project one way or another.

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