Colin Farrell, Marion Cottilard Heading to “Cosmopolis”

Determined to stay busy, Colin Farrell has signed on for his third film in two days, joining Marion Cotillard in an adaptation of the Don DeLillo novel "Cosmopolis."

The film, to be written and directed by David Croneneberg, follows a young billionaire's limousine trip across town, as he spends the day stuck in his car thanks to a confluence of protesters, a funeral and the president of the United States.

Throughout the course of his journey he monitors the health of his financial empire, is examined by a physician, lunches with his wife and has a couple of trysts.

In addition to "Cosmopolis," Farrell has also signed on to play the lead vampire in the remake of "Fright Night" (which is attracting a surprising level of talent considering what a throwaway goof the original was), and in "Horrible Bosses," starring Jennifer Ansiton, he'll play one of three friends who conspire to kil their employers.

Shooting on "Cosmopolis won't begin until after Cronenebrg has finished with his Freud-Jung film, "A Dangerous Method," starring Viggo Mortensen and Michael Fassbender as the founders of modern psychobabble.

Farrell's can next be seen in "Ondine," out June 4, a film written and directed by Neil Jordan about an Irish fisherman who finds a mermaid in his net, while Cotillard is in "Inception," starring Leonardo DiCaprio.

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