“Chronicle” Helmer Josh Trank Up for a Shot of “Venom”

"Chronicle" was among this winter's surprise hits, breathing new life into the found-footage genre and taking in north of $60 million. It was so successful, in fact, that director Josh Trank is in line to get a shot at a Spider-Man spin-off.

Trank is in talks to direct "Venom," based on the webslinger's nemesis from "Spider-Man 3," reported 24 Frames. Topher Grace, who previously played Venom, is not expected to be a part of this new project.

Venom has traditionally been a villain, a cast-off from a race of extra-terrestrial parasites whose own kind deemed him insane because he wanted to stay and live in a host rather than just use it up and leave it.

It was Venom's attachment to Spider-Man that led to our hero's all-black outfit, before Spidey was able to rid himself of the being. This new imagining of Venom would likely cast him as more of an anti-hero than a pure bad guy.

A script for "Venom" by Jacob Estes has been kicking around for years, dating back to before this summer's pending "Amazing Spider-Man" reboot effort. But Sony is said to be looking for a new writer. Gary Ross had been set to direct, but he dropped out for a small indie called "Hunger Games."

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