Casting About: Rachel Weisz, Chris Evans, Amber Heard & More

Found out who's been cast as a weapons expert, politician, hit man...

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Rachel Weisz will star opposite Colin Firth in "The Railway Man," based on WW II veteran Eric Lomax's autobiography, which recounts the story of his having been captured and tortured by the Japanese army, and being forced to work on the "death railway." (Variety)
This pasty fella with the funny hair is Ben Wishaw, who's been cast in the upcoming Bond film, "Skyfall," in which he'll play Q, 007's tech expert. He takes over the role from The role was played by John Cleese in "Die Another Day." BBC)
Amber Heard's having a tough year with two flops and a canceled series, but she's just landed the female lead in Albert Hughes' "Motor City," which stars Dominic Cooper as a man who gets out of prison and promptly seeks revenge on the men who double-crossed him.
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With Gary Oldman apparently having passed, the role of the Colonel in "Akira" has been offered to Ken Watanabe, which seems more culturally appropriate, no? (Twitch)
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Speaking of filling in for more famous actors, Chris Evans is replacing James Franco in "The Iceman," about the real-life family man/hit man Richard Kuklinski, a role that's being played by Michael Shannon. Evans will play Robert "Mr. Softee" Pronge, his mentor. (Deadline)
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Dame Judi Dench and Anthony Hopkins are being courted by Kenneth Branagh for the director's adaptation of Henning Mankell's "Italian Shoes," as a pair of ex-lovers who are reunited late in life. (Variety)
EMPTY_CAPTION"Hugo" star Asa Butterfield has landed the lead role in "Ender's Game," as a boy genius recruited and trained by the government to help fight back against an alien insurgency. (Deadline)
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John Lithgow is the latest addition to the cast of "Dog Fight," starring Zach Galifianakis and Will Ferrell as a pair of Southern politicians engaged in a bitter campaign. He joins Brian Cox, Jason Sudeikis, Dylan McDermott, Sarah Baker and Katherine LaNasa. (Variety)
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