George Floyd

Year After Floyd Death, Officers Also Reflect

NBC 5 News

As the nation pauses this week to remember the life and death of George Floyd, so do police officers around the country.

“Of course being an African American officer we’re going to talk. We’re going to have our discussion outside of the main discussion and that discussion was – why would this happen,” said Terrence Hopkins, president of the Black Police Association of Greater Dallas. “Especially in this day and age, why would a white officer put his knee on a black man’s neck for nine minutes.”

“That one of the worst things anybody I’ve talked to in this career had ever seen,” Hopkins added.

In the days following the murder of George Floyd, the Black Police Association joined with the Latino Law Enforcement Association to hold a “Blue for Black Lives Matter” march and rally.

Like many around the nation, they watched the murder trial of Derek Chauvin, the former officer convicted in the murder of Floyd. During the trial, it was noted how many officers testified and denounced Chauvin’s actions.

“Yes, officers came forward at the trial when it was time to testify, but who was speaking up back then,” Hopkins said. “That’s what we really have to look at in these situations.  I think more people will stand up and speak out, but it’s still a long way from where it should be. I think we’re not there quite yet.”

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