Wylie Homeowners Prepared for More Severe Weather

Homeowners in the city of Wylie braced for another round of severe weather Tuesday.

About 80 percent of the homes in Wylie were damaged by a hail storm on April 11.

Crushed cars and boarded-up homes serve as constant reminders of how devastating severe weather season has been.

Roofers scrambled on Tuesday afternoon to finish repairs before the storms arrived.

Other homeowners said they were waiting to have their roofs and cars repaired because of the fear that all the work could be wiped out by another round of severe weather.

"Scary, scary," homeowner Vincent Lim said. "Especially for my car now. It's outside. I don't know what I'm going to do with my car. Maybe I'll move it to other places."

Preparations for the storms continued across Wylie until sundown.

School district officials say they have been checking hail-damaged roofs to try to ensure they don't leak.

Some junior high school soccer games have also been postponed until Wednesday.

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