Wylie East HS Choir Invites Special “Guest” to Conduct Christmas Carols

Assisted living resident with music background brings tears, smiles to all

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A moment caught on camera has brought tears to the eyes of people across the country just in time for the holidays.

It shows how powerful music truly is and how it can bring people of all ages together.

The Wylie East High School Acapella Choir has brought goodwill and smiles to communities every holiday season.

“Every year you always get different reactions from the residents,” said junior Iris Kurz. “It was a lot different this year because we’ve never had it happen before.”

The choir was on its annual caroling tour last week, singing to residents at assisted living and memory care home Mustang Creek Estates of Sachse.

“I just remember singing and there were residents walking in and I sort of, out of the corner of my eye saw her,” said Kurz.

The choir's directors saw a woman waving her arms as if directing the choir and invited Mrs. Doris Trousdale to lead the students in several songs.

“When they started singing, these little children, they were doing beautifully. They didn’t need me, but it was me that got up,” she said with a smile. “Just started when they were singing I was directing. I feel it in the air when I direct.”

Choir Director Ashley Dame
Doris Trousdale conducting the Wylie East High School Choir.

“She stepped up to it and we just all went along with it,” said Kurz. “I know quite a few of my friends got emotional.”

In an instant, a lifetime of directing church choirs came back to the 95-year-old with Alzheimer’s.

“It’s just special deep within you,” said Trousdale. “You have the feeling that you’re with me. All of you are just like this, and we’re singing.”

The teens were so touched by this moment they returned with Christmas cards for Mrs. Trousdale .

“It sort of opened my eyes to how impactful music can be,” said Kurz. “I think it was a just a nice moment of people just coming together to something nice and make music and bring happiness to other people.”

The choir also gifted the elderly woman a framed picture of a concert they’ll never forget, and one Mrs. Trousdale can look back on and remember.

“For me there’s happiness in making music,” said Trousdale. “I enjoyed it.”

The video posted on the ChoirBuzz Facebook page has been shared 21,000.

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