Woman Finally Finds Owner of Lost Wedding Dress Months After Tornado

NBC 5 News

Months after a tornado tore through the town of Glenn Heights, a woman tells NBC 5 she finally found the owner of a wedding dress found among storm debris in her neighborhood.

In late December, Barbara Haynes found a brown box containing a second box with a wedding dress in the yard of a home in her neighborhood.

Since, she has been working to find where the dress came from and who it belongs to, but so far her efforts have proved to be unsuccessful.

Her daughter put the word on out social media, and Haynes reached out through neighborhood groups.

She even tried to track down what she could from a partial address on the outer box that led to Dennis, Texas. 

"It's been attached to me since I got it from across the street," Haynes said, "We almost lost everything, I put this box in the trunk of my car, we lived at the Holiday Inn on Wintergreen for six weeks, I put this box in the room with me." 

Haynes also took it with her when she moved in temporarily with her daughter. 

"My husband said why are you dragging this box around, you're probably never goiing to find who it belongs to," Haynes said.

But, Haynes believes it hold special meaning to someone, and she is determined to get it back to it's owner.

"I'm attached to the dress, I really, really want to find out who the owner is and meet them and let them know I love your dress, but I want you to have it," Haynes said. 

Haynes believes the dress is older and handstitched.

"Just love this dress, and look there's a rose, who do you think would wear this today?" Haynes said while looking over the pink gown, "it is just georgous, I just love it," 

She contacted NBC 5 for help.

And in May, Haynes found the owner, who lives in the same Glenn Heights neighborhood -- five blocks away to be exact.

The dress owner's daughter saw the story on TV and reached out to Haynes.

Haynes and the dress owner plan to meet up soon.

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