Woman Drowns in Trinity River

The Fort Worth Fire Department pulled a woman's body from the Trinity River on Wednesday afternoon.

Emergency crews received a call at about 1 p.m. from a man in a nearby office building reporting that he heard a woman scream. He said he looked out his window to see her waving her arms above her head in the Trinity River.

It happened in Trinity Park at 2500 Parkview Drive, just north of Interstate 30.

People in the office building rushed down to try and save the woman, but by the time they arrived at the river, she had already gone under.

A dive team recovered the woman's body approximately an hour later.

Firefighters said the rocks where she was trying to cross look like a walkway to many people, but are actually a dam for the Trinity River.

"A lot of people mistake it for a walkway that you can go down on it to get closer to the water," said Tim Hardeman with the Fort Worth Fire Department.

"And when they try to cross the water chute that separates the water from the dam, it's very slippery, and people fall in. So we want people to understand, it's not a walkway. We do want people to exercise caution when they are out here on that dam," he said.

The woman has yet to be identified.

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