Woman Caught on Camera Stealing Packages Behind Bars

The woman who was spotted at least twice on surveillance video snatching gifts in North Dallas around Midway and Walnut Hill has been caught.

Dallas Police said they received numerous tips after the video was released.

According to police, two of their detectives visited a pawn shop after discovering a recent transaction by Priscilla Castaneda of an un-related item.

Those detectives showed the store clerk a photo of Castaneda from the surveillance video, and according to police, she was identified as the women on the video. She had visited the store on December 17.

The clerk also told police she was accompanied by a man and wearing the same shirt she wore in the video when she visited the pawn shop.

Police said Castaneda was attempting to pawn a brand new smoker, which was still in the box. The pawn shop did not accept the item because it was unopened.

Castaneda was taken into custody for outstanding warrants and police said while being questioned, she admitted to being the person in the surveillance video.

A second suspect in the case, Jessie Dominguez, was arrested after being stopped on a traffic violation. Dallas Police say they found some of the stolen property in that vehicle.  

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