With 99 Days Until Midterms, Two Congressmen Seeking Re-election Hold Fort Worth Town Halls

We're now just 99 days away from the November midterm elections. As the campaigns gear up, two U.S. Congressmen seeking re-election held separate town hall meetings in Fort Worth Tuesday night.

NBC 5 sat in on town halls for U.S. Rep. Marc Veasey (D-Fort Worth) and U.S. Rep. Michael Burgess (R-Lewisville).

The two men have very different perspectives but many similar questions were raised, starting with who will hold control of Congress after the midterm elections.

Veasey was optimistic about the potential for a “blue wave,” saying he sees at least three seats in Texas alone that could flip Democratic.

Burgess, meanwhile, said he was serving in 2006 when Republicans did lose control of congress. He said this does not feel like that, but he added there can always be a surprise late in the game, for instance a government shutdown.

President Trump said Monday he would call for a shutdown if he doesn't get funding for a border wall. Many people at the Burgess town hall said they would support that, while Veasey said that move would seriously hurt North Texas.

"FAA regional office, Naval Air Station Fort Worth, Lockheed, I mean there's a lot at stake if the federal government shuts down here,” Veasey said. “A lot of people's jobs are going to be affected. My hope is that Republicans step up to the plate and that we pass something."

"I think that should focus us on the legislative side to say let's get our work done and deliver bills to the President that hopefully he can sign,” said Burgess. “But if he's got a disagreement with them then he'll tell us and we'll try to work through that."

Burgess added that he does believe Congress will pass funding for a border wall.

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