North Texas

Winter Weather Leaves Mess of Potholes on North Texas Roads

The snow and ice may have melted but North Texas drivers have a new obstacle to contend with: potholes, and a lot of them.

As of Monday morning roads like Interstate 35 in Denton were littered with potholes from the recent winter blast.

Between the elements themselves and the use of heavy snow and ice removal trucks, the roads took a pummeling throughout the Metroplex.

Some of the hardest hit sections on 35 include some of the roadways and bridges already set for or undergoing work as part of the 35Express Project.

Spokesperson for the project, Kimberly Sims, said they have assigned special crews to the potholes who are already out assessing the damage and will begin prioritizing and scheduling repairs as soon as possible.

City crews in Lewisville in Denton also report that they are identifying problem spots right now and plan to start temporary fills as soon as possible.

However that road work, like any, is weather permitting, and another wintry blast in the forecast this week could mean delays and potentially more damage on area roads.

Sims and 35Express are asking motorists to be patient with them as they work to fill the potholes and to monitor their speeds in areas affected.

Darrel Jenkins, owner of Gene’s Body Shop in Denton said it is definitely important to slow down on the pothole filled roads to avoid serious vehicle damage.

"You take a small car like that and hit one of them potholes, it really don't take a whole lot to bend that suspension in the front,” said Jenkins. "Slow down and just watch for potholes. I guess the road crews will get to them sooner or later."

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