Winter Storm, Supply Chain Problems Have Long-Term Impact on Christmas Tree Business

Ron Dearman of 4D Farm in Weatherford is preparing for brisk business on his Christmas tree farm.

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The 4D Farm in Weatherford celebrates the holidays year-round -- it grows Christmas trees.

"Love Christmas," owner Ron Dearman said. "That's a beautiful tree right there."

Not all the trees on his farm look so good. The February winter storm killed 400 of the 640 cypress saplings that were planted just before the freeze.

"They're dead dead," Dearman said. "Two weeks just got too cold too fast too long."

Those would have been Christmas trees in five years.

"Going to have to replace them," Dearman said. "If I can't get some faster-growing or something we're gonna be short 400 trees in five years."

Dearman usually orders trees from out of state to keep up with demand, and to provide variety. The weather and supply chain issues are causing the perfect storm this year.

"When I ordered them, they let me know quick that I wasn't going to get 250 of them," Dearman said.

Despite it all, Dearman couldn't help but smile thinking about the upcoming season.

"It's still the season, that's all that matters," Dearman said. "The birth of my Savior. Can't beat that! Got to be happy. Ain't no other way to go."

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