Why We Get Dry Skin in the Summer & How to Fix It

Summertime means you're used to getting hot and dealing with sweat, so why do we get dry skin?

In the winter, the air is typically dry and cold. It's the dry air that can lead to skin problems. We look at dew points on a daily basis in the NBC 5 Weather Expert Center. In the winter, the values are generally under 50 degrees indicating the lack of moisture in the air.

In the summer, our dew points are generally in the 60s and 70s. There's more moisture in the air, yet people still have dry skin issues. Louise Proulx, from Renew Beauty Med Spa has clients complaining of this.

Proulx discusses solutions with us to keep your skin at its best during the summer.

Dry skin looks dull. It can crack and flake so it’s important to follow three basic steps: Cleanse, Moisturize & Protect.

1. GENTLY CLEANSE at least twice a day and whenever you are leaving the pool or ocean. You want to remove chlorine, salt, and toxins from pollution.

Exfoliate, gentle scrubbing twice a week to remove dead skin cells.

2. MOISTURIZE- Choose light weight moisturizers for your face and body that are fragrance and oil free. Apply morning and night to restore healthier, hydrated skin . Look for key ingredients in your moisturizer or serums such as Hyaluronic acid (a natural moisturizing agent that is capable of holding 1000 times its weight). Proulx recommends using anti-oxidants such as vitamin c, and e which should be applied in the morning to the face and neck for best results prior to moisturizing.

If you find yourself still very dry, Proulx says try a hydrating mask 2 to 3 times a week before you go to bed.

3. PROTECT – Sunscreen is key! Protect your skin from harmful UVA/UVB with sunscreen that has high levels of titanium dioxide and zinc. Be sure to use water resistant sunscreen and repeat throughout the day.

Make sure you are staying hydrated. Drink lots of water!

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