Who Would Want to Be DISD Superintendent?

DISD trustee says district would be able to find "right person" to replace Hinojosa

Dallas school trustees may have to begin looking for a new school leader as they slash thousands of other jobs from their payroll.

Superintendent Michael Hinojosa is the sole finalist for a job in suburban Atlanta, and he's said that he wants to take it.

Trustee Edwin Flores says candidates would line up for a DISD superintendent vacancy, despite the district's budget challenges.

"Dallas, of course, is a highly coveted district," he said. "There's a lot of good momentum. That would be great to be able to step into a good momentum situation for the right person. I think we'll find the right person."

Angela Davis, president of NEA-Dallas, a teachers association, agreed -- if DISD offers the same $328,000 salary Hinojosa is paid.

"They're going to look at a lot of different things, but overall, we do have some good schools," she said.

Flores said the remaining DISD management would be capable of running things effectively while a superintendent search is under way.

"I believe we have the right team to be able to move forward," he said. "There will be a transition. There is in every urban school district in the country."

Flores said DISD achieved substantial improvements in academics, finances and facilities during the six years Hinojosa served.

In September, Hinojosa promised not to consider other jobs after he was passed over for a superintendent position in Nevada.

But his son and daughter-in-law, who live in the Atlanta area, are expecting a baby.

"Things do change, and certainly this is a very unique opportunity," Hinojosa said Thursday night.

Davis said she has grandchildren, too.

"Sure, I can buy that," she said. "Is that the sole reason? No."

Davis said the budget crisis is surely a factor. She also said it is a very bad time to switch to a new leader.

"I think it's going to be hard because you are in the middle of something, and it's hard for someone else to come behind someone and clean up," she said.

Hinojosa denied that pending budget problems were the primary reason for applying but acknowledged that layoffs are unpleasant.

"As a superintendent, you have to be a problem-solver," Hinojosa said. "There are problems everywhere you go."

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