Which Restaurant Serves the Best Breakfast Taco in DFW?

Our media partners at GuideLive asked for your input: Which restaurant serves the best breakfast taco in DFW? See the results.

Something like a million years ago — back in 2015 — Foursquare published a report based on customer check-ins and reviews determining the most unique food order for each state in America. Texans love breakfast tacos roughly 4,000 percent more than the rest of the nation, it proclaimed. We were neither shocked nor awed by these results. Just vaguely hungry. And a little sleepy, still.

Since this highly-scientific study exposed an obvious, deeply ingrained truth of Texan identity, the subject has become more complex. Austin and San Antonio got into a bickering match about who invented the idea of eating delicious Tex-Mex food for breakfast. The beef, while seeming frivolous on the surface, had depth in terms of cultural appropriation and respectful discourse.

Dallas Morning News Texana reporter Charlie Scudder detailed how breakfast tacos are fuel for microaggression before the mayors of Austin and San Antonio called a taco truce in 2016. They signed the historic "I-35 Accords" and declared March 10 Breakfast Taco Day before buying one another a tortilla-wrapped peace offering.

Which restaurant earned the most votes for the best breakfast taco in DFW?

See the results here.

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