What Does Your Warranty Really Promise?

NBC 5 Responds recommends familiarizing yourself with a product's warranty before purchasing it

One of the things that makes consumers feel better when they buy a product is hearing that it has a warranty.

But how often does the average consumer take the time to see what that warranty really says and what it promises?

Michelle McManus bought some designer doorknobs online. She bought them in a large, bulk pack of 30 to use throughout her home.

The doorknobs came with a five-year warranty against any defects.

So, months later, when one stopped working, McManus called the company and they promised a refund for the one knob.

It meant she'd only get back a little more than $4 -- the amount of just one of the doorknobs in the set.

NBC 5 Responds reached out to the company and -- problem solved -- they agreed to break a set and give her a single replacement.

When buying something with a warranty, ask how the supplier handles claims in writing, especially when buying things in a set.

How much money will you get? Will the supplier issue replacements? And what's the process when you don't agree on the fix?

It can seem like a lot to do when you just want to buy something, but that one email to customer service could save you a headache in the future.

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