Waxahachie Family Battles Texas Law to Give Daughter More Time After Nearly Drowning

After surviving a near drowning more than a week ago, Blaire Bravenac's daughter has remained unresponsive, while doctors push to have her declared brain dead

A Waxahachie family is fighting for their daughter's recovery after she nearly drowned more than a week ago, but they say Texas law makes it difficult to give her the chance to survive.

Blaire Bravenec was rushed to the emergency room last Wednesday after she was found in the family's pool. Her parents said doctors were able to get a heartbeat back, but she's remained unresponsive.

Ever since, she's been in the ICU at Children Health in Dallas where her parents have hoped she'll recover with more time. Instead, they said they've had to push back against doctors moving to officially declare their daughter brain dead.

Currently, Texas law doesn't give families the right to stop that from happening.

"The hospital's really just kind of bound by legality here. Well this is how the law says and this is what we're supposed to do because they want the best for our daughter. It's why they've given her such tremendous care. I'd jump in front of anything to help save one of these medical staff for her. It's just that the Texas laws are written," said Blaire's father Darren Bravenec to KRLD.

But within the last day, he said advocates from Texas Right to Life have helped them negotiate a little more time.

Senior legislative associate Emily Horne said the Bravenec's are one of several families their working with right now. She believes Texas is low on the totem pole when it comes to patient rights and safeguards.

"Ultimately the law needs to be changed to put some of the decision making power back into the hands of the family because they know what the best interest of their loved one is going to be," said Emily Horne.

Texas lawmakers did look at a couple of bills that would've made some changes to patient rights within the last legislative session though none became law.

Children's Health released a statement Friday saying, "Our priority is to provide each patient with high-quality, compassionate care. In compliance with HIPAA and our policy, we do not discuss specific patients or their medical conditions."

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