Fort Worth

Why Water Lines Are Being Flushed in Haslet

Water flushing in Haslet is causing some issues for people who live in that area.

There’s been a constant flow of water coming out of three water hydrants in the North Fort Worth neighborhood for at least a week.

A spokesperson with the Fort Worth water department says the flushing process is part of a preventative measure. Daily monitoring has shown some lower than normal disinfectant levels in the water. There was a chemical feed issue last week at the Eagle Mountain Water plant.

The city says flushing the old water out of the system by opening fire hydrants moves the new water into the system.

In a press release to North Fort Worth residents, the city says:

“The Water Department’s primary responsibility is to protect public health, and flushing is done to ensure the quality remains good.”

While the disinfectant levels are lower than normal, a spokesperson tells NBC 5 the water quality continues to meet all state and federal standards.

No word on when the flushing process in North Fort Worth will be complete.

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