Water Crisis Looming For Residents of Denton Neighborhood

For the 49-residents of the "Green Tree Estates" in the City of Denton, a potential water crisis is looming.

On November 15, the well owner who supplies their water has said he plans to cut off water. The situation falls into a legal gray area, with the City of Denton and state regulatory bodies so far concluding it's a "private civil matter" between residents and the well's owner and operator, Donald Roddy.

"I own this house, without water, it's worth nothing, I can't sell it," homeowner Nicole Yard said.

The water supplied by Roddy's well is already undrinkable, according to residents. The water frequently comes out red or yellow in tint and has for years, homeowner Alfredo Contreras said.

"There is the evidence of the water," he said pointing to an orange residue. "I feel like they don't pay attention to this community," Contreras said about the City of Denton.

The "Green Tree Estates" were annexed to the City of Denton in 2011 and by the city's admission have substandard structures, prevalent illegal dumping and numerous infrastructure challenges.

On Tuesday, the Denton City Council discussed the problems during a work session, including an 'emergency declaration' that would pave the way for residents to receive water from the city when it is cut off on Friday.

"An emergency declaration is one of the options council can consider and what we are looking for from council is how they would like to proceed," Ryan Adams, a spokesperson for the City of Denton said.

But for residents like Contreras and Yard, the clock is ticking and the future viability of their homes is hanging in the balance.

"We don't have nowhere to go," Yard said.

The Denton City Council could vote on an emergency declaration as early as Friday. Donald Roddy has declined NBC 5's request for comment.

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