North Richland Hills

Watch Rottweiler get rescued after being trapped under shed in Texas heat

It took police 30 minutes to free her

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A Rottweiler who got stuck under a shed in North Richland Hills in the summer heat was rescued by police.

Roxie, a 95-pound Rottweiler, was apparently chasing something, possibly an opossum, when she became wedged underneath her family's backyard shed late at night on July 9.

When police arrived, their body cameras were rolling as they worked tirelessly to free Roxie by removing part of the shed's floor.

“After nearly 30 minutes of carefully sawing and prying the flooring away around the dog, Roxie was freed,” police said.

Other than being hot and a little worked up from being stuck, Roxie is reportedly doing fine, according to police.

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