Violent Weekend in Dallas Focused Away From City's South Side

State troopers increased patrols in South Dallas early this summer in an effort to limit violent crime

Four people were murdered in Dallas over the weekend as the city's violent 2019 continued.

But building on a trend that began in July, none of the murders happened in South Dallas, where Texas Department of Public Safety Troopers have been heavily focused.

"It's always concerning when someone loses their life," Buckner Terrace Neighborhood Association Chair Daniel Wood said.

One of the four weekend murders was in Buckner Terrace, where Wood said crime has actually dropped and DPS troopers have increased patrols.

"They've come into Buckner Terrace, moving out of South Dallas a little bit into our neighborhood and you know I'm thankful for that," Wood said.

During July, Dallas police said crime fell in the South Dallas area by 24% compared to June and there were no murders. On Sunday, Gov. Greg Abbott (R-TX) praised DPS troopers in Dallas, citing the statistical drop in crime.

But last month, some community members and city officials expressed concern over the presence of DPS troopers and so called "over policing."

"Accepting the help is one thing, it's the implementation and the plan and what the impact is having on the community is where we are today," Dallas County District Attorney John Creuzot said at the July meeting.

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