North Texas

Vigil Held for 4 Community HS Students Killed in a Crash

A North Texas community is grieving the loss of not one, but four students.

They were killed in a crash on Highway 78 and Main street in Lavon on Tuesday afternoon.

Lavon police say the truck the teens were in lost control and was struck by an oncoming van at about 5:45 p.m.

Crosses and candles now mark the spot of the crash.

Wednesday, Community ISD held a vigil to remember them at Braves Stadium, home turf for Community High School's football team.

"Our hearts are broken," said Brad Patterson, lead pastor of First Baptist Church of Lavon.

It wasn't players, but pastors and a principal on the field Wednesday. So were dozens of family members of the four students killed.

"I can't imagine as the parent of three kids getting that call," said Principal Michael Westfall.

Among the victims, 16-year-old Marilynn Dominguez described as bright, funny and caring.

"She made the room light up," said Cerrigan Lewis, a friend.

Another victim is 17-year-old Andrew Miller who friends say was one-of-a-kind.

"It's like sad knowing you can't know that person again, like there's not another Andrew Miller," said Morgan Broom, a friend.

The third victim, 16-year-old Secily Lackey, is described as having a beautiful soul and a passion for cosmetology.

District superintendent Dr. Roosevelt Nivens said Lackey painted his daughter's nails shortly before the crash.

"Everybody's struggling with this because it's not natural, it's not natural. You're not supposed to have four young people who go to school that day that don't make it home that night," Dr. Nivens said.

The fourth victim, 17-year-old Jordan Kidd was the son of a Collin County dispatcher and a Nevada volunteer fire captain who responded to Tuesday's scene unaware his son was involved.

"It's hard. It's never going to go away. The pain is never going to go away," said Lewis who lost her brother in a car crash last year.

Healing will take much longer than one night in a community broken but banded together for the long run.

Crowds will gather at Braves Stadium again on Friday, the last home game of the season.

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