Vandals Smash Pumpkins On Vehicles

Police search for people behind Halloween prank

While many people are carving pumpkins for Halloween, Dallas police said some vandals are smashing pumpkins on vehicles.

 The vandals have struck at least four times in the past few days.

 Laurie Luper said she and her husband were shocked when someone smashed the windshield of their car with a pumpkin.

 "We walked out, and our car was on the street, and we saw the pumpkin in our yard," Luper said. "It's upsetting and it makes you mad and you think, 'Why would someone want to do that to someone?'"

 She said the pumpkin hit the car with such force that it bent the frame of the car. 

 "The guy said it's going to take two weeks to just get the glass out of the seats, and he said, 'You don't want to turn on the AC or heater because glass will blow on you," Luper said.

 She said she hopes the vandals are arrested soon, and in the meantime, she will be more aware.

 "It just makes us think we can't park out cars on the street, and that's too bad," she said.  

  Police say they think one person could be responsible for all four incidents because they happened so close together.

 So far, police said they do not have any suspects.

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