Valdez, White Attend ‘Blue Wave' Rally in Denton

Democrats competing in runoff elections next month are trying to get out the vote.

Many candidates attended the Blue Wave Rally in Denton on Saturday, including gubernatorial candidates Lupe Valdez and Andrew White.

“I think this is happening. It’s happened in Pennsylvania, Alabama, Virginia. Texas is next,” White said about Texas turning from a red state to a blue one.

“I heard someone say that Ted Cruz said that Democrats will walk through glass to vote this year. Yes we will!” Valdez told the crowd.

Democrats could face a crisis of conscience heading into next month's runoff.

NBC 5 talks with Texas Gubernatorial Candidate Andrew White.
NBC 5 talks with Texas Gubernatorial Candidate Lupe Valdez.

Valdez is the daughter of a migrant farm-worker.

White is an investor from Houston and son of a former governor.

NBC 5 asked each candidate what they’re top priority would be if they became governor:

“The #1 priority for me is education,” White said. “I believe we're at an emergency with our education, we have the 43rd ranked education in the nation.”

“It’s hard to say one,” Valdez said. “We're interested in education, of course the economy, and health care.”

Energizing voters will be key if Democrats want any chance at unseating Republican incumbents. It’s a reality they'll look to change as temperatures and the campaign trail heats up.

The last Democratic governor in Texas was Ann Richards from 1991-1995.

Before that it was Mark White, Andrew White's late father.

A debate between White and Valdez could happen next month.

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