V-Bikes To Pull Rental Bicycles from Denton

The city of Denton’s new bike share regulations take effect Tuesday. But the only bike share company currently operating there, is pulling up stakes.

Garland-based V-Bikes notified the city late last week it will not take part in the city’s new pilot program, which requires permits for companies wishing to operate bike rentals. V-Bikes officials say they will concentrate on markets closer to Dallas.

“They felt the rules and regulations in the policy were a bit tighter than what they had wished to work with,” said Mark Nelson Denton’s transportation director.

Denton drew up the new regulations following numerous complaints about bicycles being left along sidewalks, in neighborhoods, in front of businesses and elsewhere.

“It's just messing up the neighborhood,” said Raymond Sterling, as he looked at a bike in front of his home which he says had been lying alongside the sidewalk since Saturday.

Sterling applauds the city’s new regulations. He believes bike share companies should be held responsible for making sure they’re not left lying around.

Denton officials say they’ve been contacted by Spin, a California-based company, which wants to place rental bicycles at University of North Texas and Texas Womans University. V-Bikes cited that company’s agreements with those schools in it’s decision.

V-Bikes says it will remove it’s rental bikes from Denton over the next few weeks.

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