UNT Flutist Wins Prestigious Competition

University of North Texas is known world-wide for producing world-class musical talent. One student's path to greatness is just a little different than many of his peers.

Martin Godoy learned the power of music at a young age.

“There is something for everybody,” said Godoy. “When you hear it in recordings it usually has this agile quality about it."

The UNT doctor in musical art student didn't pick up the flute until seventh grade. Godoy graduated from James Martin High School in Arlington. Growing up, there was no expensive summer camp – and no formal training, outside school.

Martin Godoy didn’t have the same extensive musical training that many of his peers had – no expensive summer camps or instructions, but the UNT doctor of musical art student is recognized as a world class flutist.

“Growing up my family wasn't wealthy,” he said. “I feel a lot of people can use that as a crutch to not excel."

Which is why a recent honor is all the more impressive. Martin won the Myrna Brown Artist Competition, which features international musicians, and has no age limit. For winning, Godoy gets a cash prize, and will be a guest artist at the 2019 Texas Flute Festival.

“The thing with Martin was, from the first lesson or two, I felt he got it,” said Elizabeth McNutt, his UNT lecturer and mentor.

McNutt, an accomplished musician herself, is not surprised by her student’s success.

“He's the whole package,” she said. “And that's the best thing, when you have a student who's dedicated to their scholarly work, who's super responsible."

Godoy practices flute four hours a day. He is also the first in his family to attend college.

“My mom graduated high school. My dad didn't,” he said. “By having both of them in me, I'd like to feel I'm taking them both along for the ride."

What a ride it's been. One driven -- by a love of music - and family.

“For me that's the biggest gift I can give them,” said Godoy. “They can be proud knowing that's the boy I raised and I'm really proud of him."

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