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TxDOT Provides Report on Atatiana Jefferson Memorial on I-35W

NBC 5 News

The Texas Department of Transportation has issued a report providing information about the process for designating a memorial on Interstate 35W to honor Atatiana Jefferson.

The proposed stretch of roadway to be designated spans from Downtown Fort Worth to South Loop 820, TxDOT said.

According to TxDOT, the process for naming highways and memorial designations is governed by Texas Transportation Code, Chapter 225.

Section 225.001, entitled 'Restrictions on Naming Highway,' states, "A part of the highway system, including a bridge or street, may be designated by the name of a person only if the person is deceased and he/she was significant: (1) in the state's history; or in the lives of the people of this state."

The City of Fort Worth has a Municipal Maintenance Agreement with TxDOT that allows for designations on state highways, TxDOT said.

The process will involve the City of Fort Worth submitting a City Council resolution to TxDOT, including a map identifying the memorial marker location, designation limits, and the design of the memorial marker.

TxDOT will review the information and notify the City of its decision. If approved, TxDOT will authorize implementation, and the City will cover expenses.

City staff will prepare a resolution supporting the memorial designation for the Aug. 17 City Council agenda.

City Council previously approved the memorial designation of East Allen Avenue/East Maddox Avenue from I-35W to US 287 to honor Atatiana Jefferson.

City leaders, in cooperation with a coalition of clergy and grassroots community leaders, are preparing a response to how the City and community can honor Atatiana Jefferson's life and legacy, TxDOT said.

Mayor Parker and Council Members Bivens, Nettles, and Williams are also participating in the effort.

The City Council should receive recommendations from the coalition in the next few weeks.

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