TxDOT Gives First Look at Phase Two of LBJ Project

The Texas Department of Transportation provided a first look at the second phase of the LBJ Express project on Thursday.

This phase includes the new TEXpress lanes. These managed toll lanes are supposed to help with the flow of traffic.

The first portion of TEXpress lanes from Preston Road to Greenville Avenue opened back in December 2013. The $2.7 billion construction project that stretches across Interstate 635 is scheduled to be completed by the end of 2015.

The second phase of TEXpress lanes scheduled for construction run along Loop 12 to the I-35E interchange.

TxDOT officials will make an official announcement on Friday about when this second phase will open, but said it could be as early as Saturday.

The TEXpress lanes will cover a 13-mile stretch on I-635 when all the sections are complete.

The third phase will be from Luna Road to Preston Road.

Drivers will have the choice to pay a toll to use these lanes. If you carpool or have a TollTag, you will receive a discount.

TxDot officials said TEXpress is the first of its kind in Texas to feature these kind of managed toll lanes.

The price of using TEXpress lanes will vary.

"The rate is determined by the congestion of the main lanes, so if there is no traffic in the main lanes the rate is cheaper, and if the TEXpress lanes get congested then those rates will actually go up to manage that congestion level," said North Tarrant Infrastructure spokesperson Heather DeLapp.

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